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Alcohol/Drug Rehab

Alcohol rehab and drug rehab typically focus on the same general principle: creating a new environment for you that doesn’t require depending on another substance to get you through the day.

You will first go through an alcohol or drug detox program so that your body is cleansed of any remaining toxins. This is for your benefit so that you can be more open to the ideas presented to you within the substance abuse treatment center. Otherwise, there may be some haze over your mental capacities where you may not be thinking straight or open to the idea of receiving treatment just yet.

From the detoxification, you will be involved in a variety of activities that are customized to your specific needs.

Group counseling sessions will be a part of everyday life within the treatment center because it offers you the ability to talk through your problems and hear from others who are in similar situations. The sharing of stories with other addicts can be very beneficial because you can start to form a support system and take a step back to see what kind of damage your addiction may have had on those around you.

You may also be asked to undergo one-on-one counseling sessions with a staff psychologist. This time can help to determine why you began using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Understanding the reason for getting started will be helpful in preventing a relapse when you exit the treatment facility because you will know how to avoid certain situations.

There are various workshops that you can attend, as well. These can be everything from learning how to say no to certain scenarios to practical job skills, where you can learn how to write a resume and conduct yourself in a job interview. Many addicts have only known one lifestyle and have surrounded themselves with others who are addicts, so after the addiction treatment is over, these skills can be beneficial to the financial freedom you need to support the new, sober version of you.

The time that you spend at the treatment facility will depend upon your level of addiction and we will work with you for a timeframe. The average time inside is about 14 days, though it can be shorter or longer. Once you are released, however, the door is always open, allowing you to continue group therapy for years into the future.

Call us in Edison, NJ at (732) 806-5262 when you are ready to talk about your drug and/or alcohol treatment options.

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