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Dual Diagnosis in Edison, NJ

Dual Diagnosis can be any combination of different addictions as well as combinations of mental illness. It is therefore possible to form many different possibilities. A person can be suffering from anxiety or depression as well as a range of addictions including gambling, sex, alcohol, drugs, and many others.

These are not the easiest forms to treat, which is why a patient needs to seek professional assistance. Trying to combat these alone are not very successful, especially when there is a mental illness involved. Discovering the root of the problem is what ultimately makes the program successful. For example, a patient could be experiencing depression as a result of drug use or it could be due to a chemical imbalance.

Those suffering from a dual diagnosis are usually high risk patients because they are more susceptible to forming an addiction. They have a high suicide rate and violent tendencies, which is why being in a rehab center can be very beneficial. The facility has psychiatrists on staff to assist with the individuals through counseling sessions and medication throughout the recovery process.

Many facilities do not offer dual diagnosis for these very reasons. It is the best way, however, to treat both issues at the same time. It may take longer to complete, so it helps when the patient has a strong support system waiting for them at home. The program will move at the pace that is most comfortable with the individual so that they aren’t rushed, which can only add to their stress and mental state.

It is important that dual diagnosis is recognized because it is often determined by recovery centers that the patient has performed poorly in the addiction treatment process and thus did not get the full help that they needed.

A dual diagnosis should always be considered if the patient has already been in an alcohol or drug rehab program and did not perform well or if they simply are not responsive to the idea of rehabilitation.

Establishing the accurate diagnosis for those addiction patients with mental health issues is the only way to ensure that the treatment process is carried out effectively. Our staff is able to discriminate between psychiatric disorders and the symptoms that are caused due to alcohol or drugs.

If you or someone you know has or is suspected to have a dual diagnosis, call us in Edison, NJ today at (732) 806-5262. We can complete a free, confidential assessment with you and discuss the various options for you.

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