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Pain Management

Chronic pain can be a very difficult thing to live with which is why we offer a comprehensive treatment method that focuses on both the mind and the body. Chronic pain is very complex, and so it’s important that the pain management extends past the physical and into the social, psychological and the spiritual aspects of each patient.

We ensure that you are able to manage the various issues, reduce pain and move forward in a higher level of physical function. Every person’s needs are different, so we ensure that each patient is treated with patient-specific features that focus on their mood, their motivation and the root of their pain.

The more a person deals with chronic pain, the more it affects their personality, their psycho-emotional responses as well as their level of stress. We will perform a musculoskeletal and neurological exam so that we can evaluate the pain and translate it into a specific lifestyle change.

We will provide each patient with a diagnosis of what is wrong, a prognosis of what will happen and various treatment options. Having these answers will reduce your anxiety and help you come up with better strategies for coping.

We provide different forms of behavioral therapy, counseling as well as various homeopathic ways of dealing with the pain that include massage, acupuncture and meditation.

The combination of the various counseling sessions and the way of overcoming through homeopathic methods can be very beneficial because it is something that you can take with you outside of the treatment center. We provide you with the basics to understanding why the pain is with you and how to overcome the negativity that has potentially been with you for years. You can continue the counseling as an out-patient so that you have the support system of others who are dealing with the same chronic pain as you are.

The pain management can be in conjunction with a drug treatment because of a way of trying to self medicate or completely on its own. The important thing is that you seek the help that you need to deal with the chronic pain that you have been suffering from in a healthy manner.

If you are ready to find out a better alternative to managing chronic pain, call as at (732) 806-5262 in Edison, NJ. We can provide an assessment and help to answer any questions that you may have about the therapy that we offer.

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